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Hi, I'm Kara

Agriculture is in my blood.  I grew up on a farm in Hawke's Bay and from a young age I've always felt at home outside doing stuff on the land.

These days, most of the work I do involves sitting at my computer or out chatting to clients, but when I'm not in work mode I'm outside walking the local bush trails with the dog leading the way.  The rest of my spare time is all about my husband and three lovely girls...travelling, exploring, discovering and creating memories.

My love of wine started nearly 20 years ago when, after working in a wine bar through my university years, I took a role at Cellar Door for Te Awa Winery in the Gimblett Gravels, Hawke's Bay.  I was fascinated by the stories of the wine, the flavours, the land it came from, the people behind the labels and their incredible side-splitting yarns.  As I moved into marketing management which took me across the globe to London (and all the way back again a decade later), I soon found out that Craft Beer and Spirits had similar intriguing and hilarious tales to tell. 

My goal is to communicate these unique stories in beautiful, engaging ways.  The alcohol industry is an industry like no other, and I'm hooked for life!


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With a marketing career spanning nearly 20 years in the drinks industry,  I have been privileged to have worked with over 25 global brands from 5 different wine producing countries.  

Each brand has its own unique challenges and solutions. I enjoy thinking outside the box and turning thoughts on their head to create inventive, forward thinking ideas with measurable objectives that will deliver desired results. 


Kara Biggs.  Founder, Consultant and Project Manager.


New Zealand based

Craggy Range, Sacred Hill and Te Awa

United Kingdom based

Campo Viejo, Ysios, Graffigna, Brancott, Stoneleigh, Deutz, Jacobs Creek, Wyndham Estate. 

Pernod Ricard UK and Allied Domecq Wine UK